We Have A Real Problem With Gender Psychology Based Research Funding In America

Many have stated that previously underrepresented minorities in our society were passed over when there were research studies on health, psychology, or in the social science of society. However, today if you search just about any topic of Google Scholar immediately in the results will be “gender and minority” based studies, in a greater percentage than studies of non-minorities or studies that are fully inclusive based on averages. It’s as if you cannot find what you are looking for, as there are so many of these minority and gender based studies? Why? Political Correctness of course, let me explain.

You see, the major federal funders for academic research come from agencies like the NIH and NSF which are under the Executive Branch of our Federal Government. For the last 8-years we’ve had President Obama in the White House, a gentleman with an agenda for left-leaning causes and political correctness. The Obama Administration is propping up our colleges and universities with academic federal funding dollars (Taxpayer’s Money). In turn these colleges and universities have hired 100s of professors in Gender Studies, African American Studies, Chicano Studies, Gay and Lesbian Studies, etc. per institution and are able to do that due to this flow of money.

When a professor becomes the ‘principle investigator’ of a research grant, they are paid their normal salary with all those benefits based on the institution they work while they are doing their research. If that research takes up let’s say 30-50% of their time, then the institution has to hire another professor to that department to teach those classes. Thus, you get more professors teaching those subjects, becoming tenured, and teaching another generation of students who will never find a job in the real world for a degree in “African America Culture and Homosexual Identity” for instance, but they can always teach classes in the subject.

The problem is we are graduating too many students with these types of worthless degrees, and even if you say; “that information is important!” Okay and maybe it is, sorry for my short-sidedness – but if there are NO JOBS for such degrees, how are they supposed to pay off those student loans for those outrageous tuition fees our universities are charging these days? Why are we scamming our students and using our public funds (Taxpayer’s Money) to prop up political correctness in this way, 10’s of Billions of Dollars a year? Couldn’t we better use that money for cancer research? Think about that.

Don’t believe the problem has gotten that bad? Inquire yourself, do a Google Scholar search on your favorite area of research, look at a local University “classes offered” catalog. It’s true, and it’s unbelievably wasteful. Hopefully, the Trump Administration will fix this problem and make sure our Tax Dollars are going towards real and meaningful research, not agenda driven, politically correct, ‘feel good’ crap.

Source by Lance Winslow

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