Vista is Stuck in a Startup Repair-Bue Screen Loop, How Can You Fix It?

Did you turn on your laptop or computer and got the message: “Windows failed to start”? Or does windows simply keep rebooting after you got a quick glance at the most feared ” Blue Screen of Death”? Did you try to choose the startup repair option after booting? Chances are that even that doesn’t work and you get an error like: “Startup Repair cannot repair this computer automatically”.

I good news and bad news for you. The bad news is that this error is very difficult to recover from. The good news is that you can prevent it in the future, by keeping your registry clean. This error is often caused by problems in certain value at the ‘hkey_local_machine’-entry. You can fix it by purchasing a registry cleaner and use it often in de future.

The only way to fix this error manually is to burn a recover DVD. This also costs money, and you will often have to reformat your entire computer. The positive side of the recover DVD’s are that you can copy files to an external flash disk. These recovery DVD’s allow you to format, recover or restore your computer and thus fixing Startup Repair/Bue Screen Loop effectively .

It can take a long time to burn such a recover DVD and it can be very costly. To prevent this kind of trouble in the future, I recommend that you use an registry cleaner. These registry cleaners often come with a variety of features that are very handy.

A file undeleter (even if it is removed from the recycle bin), duplicate song delete and junk file cleaner are features often encounteredW in registry cleaners.

Source by Kenneth Douglas

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