Preschool Fundraising: Set Up A Teddy Bear Picnic

A lot of people are struggling with the task of thinking of preschool fundraising ideas that will assist them with their financial problems. Are you in the same position right now? Then, you don’t have to worry too much because worrying never helps. Take a look at the fundraiser idea that I’ll be presenting in this article and try it out yourself.

When you set up a preschool fundraising event, you need to come up with something very interesting and fun so that you can encourage people to come over and join. Go for a teddy bear picnic. This one’s a sure hit for little kids. Organizing this will be a cinch but what you’ll be coming up with will definitely be a lot of fun. Parents and kids can use this as a venue for spending time together and strengthening bonds. Your picnic can be done indoors, inside a hall, or at someone’s house. If you prefer to have some fresh air, you can have this in a garden or a park but be sure to check weather forecasts ahead of time so that you can schedule your event on a day that will be filled with clouds and good sunshine.

Prepare invitations. Pour out all of your creative juices on these ones so that you can make them look really good and appealing. You don’t have to exert too much effort. You can make use of a computer. Bits of cut and paste will easily let you produce something totally adorable. Address each of your invitations individually to each kid and remind them to bring their cuddliest and cutest teddy bears. You can raise funds from this event by charging a fixed donation from each one of your participants. Try asking for some help from parents as they may be willing to donate food and drinks for your event. This fundraiser idea may not have the ability to generate thousands of dollars for you but you can work on making it more unique and interesting. In this way, you can increase its profitability.

Organize your event properly. When your guests arrive, give each one of them two name stickers. One would be for them to use and the other would be for their teddy bears. Gather all of the kids around and have them sit on rugs with their teddy bears. Some kids might prefer to sit on their parent’s laps. Prepare a program involving different fun and energizing games so that you can create a fun and exciting experience for your guests. Some of the things that you can include in your program would be sing along with Ted; pass the Teddy; make a teddy mask; and toss the teddy.

Advertise your event and make sure that everything’s that’s needed is ready for the event so that you won’t have dead airs in the middles. Give kids the fun that they want and parents the opportunity to spend some quality time with their children.

Source by Juan Franco

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