Online Fundraising Tips

If you are planning to have a fundraiser, it is advisable to consider writing a great description and uploading some personal videos and photos. This will give you an opportunity to be real and personal. If you are considering an online fundraising strategy, it is important to promote the fundraiser. Consider asking your friends and colleagues to share your page. Other tips of fundraising online include:

· Launch a new mobile optimized website

To raise money effectively, it is important to have a website that offers good first impressions. There are several tools available on the web that help businesses to launch well designed websites that are easy to update, in addition to being mobile compatible. These tools offer templates that include social media integration. Some of the templates are provided in multiple languages. They give you an opportunity to down load low-cost or free themes to develop a mobile optimized website.

· Launch an e-newsletter

For several decades now, e-newsletters have proved to be an effective driving force for online donations. A business can consider investing its financial resources and time in publishing e-newsletters at least twice every month. Several web-based email communication services can help you launch an e-newsletter. The fees can be for as low as $15 dollars for an email list of less than 500 subscribers. This can prove financially challenging for smaller businesses. However, it is a worthwhile investment. If your finances are limited, you can consider asking a major donor to sponsor your e-newsletter for at least a year and in exchange, you can consider promoting their business in the e-newsletter.

· Accept donations online

Because of unlimited online banking infrastructure, online payments are possible. Therefore, you can consider setting up an online account to receive payments on PayPal made using credit cards. Regardless of how time consuming or tedious the process of signing up is, it is important to accept online donations. You can consider adding the “Donate Now” button to the home page and other pages of the website and blog. Furthermore, you may design a “Donate” page detailing how the donors can submit their donations online, mail finds, send mobile money or wire funds.

· Create a Facebook page

One of the most effective ways of launching presence on the social media is through creating a Facebook Page. This will give you an opportunity to inform the public about your organization through the status updates on Facebook. Furthermore, consider setting a Facebook group that features a link to the fundraising page. This can help a great deal in encouraging online donations.

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