MLM Leads Not Getting You Anywhere? Why MLM Leaders Think So

I was a young sales representative, hungry for success. In my hands, were my tasks for the day, 20 exclusive membership cards(discount cards) for a cigar club and I was determined NOT to go home with it. Just be in my radius(within 20 feet) and I’d stalk you till you beg me to stop.

My school of hard knocks… To laugh at myself thinking of it is an understatement.

Did I learn something from there? For sure.

The right lesson? I am not sure. But it was a lesson nevertheless.

What I learnt was never to give up… Just go ahead, and persevere. Meet more people, meet more people and meet more people. That became the motto.

11 years has passed. Between the timeline, I joined an MLM business. And true to form, I went and stalked my family and friends to extinction.

Still starving for success, I got to the addiction of getting MLM leads. Whether I got it from my uplines or bought it from somewhere, I was sure that one day, I’ll get the next big producer in my team.

Naive, my new motto mutated to “call more people, call more people, call more people.”

In theory, MLM leads are a godsend. Usually derived from MLM opportunity surveys or opt ins from MLM company websites. Repackaged by lead list sellers or genealogy leads list brokers, you would think that the MLM leads are legitimate, ready to join individuals whose sole concern is to get the right opportunity for themselves.

Again, gullible right? Thanks for noticing. If my experience is a splitting image of your experience, allow me to proceed…

What is unfortunate is that MLM leads are often recycled from one company to the next. Every list providers are guaranteeing the “freshness” of the leads. How you just need to connect with the prospects and your MLM would explode!

Isn’t that always the case? Seriously, does it really work? Probably, if we are still in the 70’s when MLM was seen like IPOs for companies like Facebook or Google…
Do you really want to come off like a credit cards telemarketer who just wants to sign the next customer in his list?

From my opening introduction, I emphasized on perseverance. Never give up. But, when I discovered a quote from Einstein, I had a rude awakening,..

He said,”Insanity is when doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”.

That’s when I went to explore a different approach. And as they say, when a student is ready, a teacher appears. Or something like that.

If you have a dream, persevere. If you want to explode your MLM, never give up! Just be open to new ideas. The day you stop learning, you limit yourself to where you are and NEVER to where you want to be.

What I have discovered was that the top producers NEVER buy leads. Period. If your sponsor still gives you the same advice, reflect if he or she is really a top producer in the INDUSTRY, or just a local hero in the company.

The top producers are leaders, and they actually attract a following by the VALUE that they provide for their organization.

That same value is in YOU. Now, what you need to do is LEARN to attract a following.

What I am talking about is a concept called Attraction Marketing. If you are really serious about your success, primarily in YOUR MLM business, you should be seriously considering to market what value you have to offer to your future business partners.

This value could be in anything, just that it has to be your genius to begin with. Something that you are deeply passionate about to be enriching the lives of the people you have the privilege of rubbing shoulders with.

Translate that value online by being an information giver. Be an expert to solve people’s problems and you would ATTRACT countless, qualified people who are ready to work together with you in more ways than you could imagine.

For the same budget you had for buying MLM leads, you could better utilize it to learn how to market yourself, NOT your opportunity online, being the expert people go to for answers.

Imagine having your email inbox full of raving, nodding fans, with credit cards in hand, ready to join your MLM business without you picking up the phone to have a cold conversation with a stranger. Visualize it as your reality…

Or, just get the next stash of MLM leads, and “call more people, call more people and call more people”.

As they say, the rest is history.

Source by Syazril Izmal

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