Church Fundraising with Scratch Cards

Scratch cards are a cool way to get your youth involved in your church fundraising. They are easy to use and lots of fun for both the fundraisers (youth) and the givers.

The way scratch cards work for church fundraising is each fundraising scratch card holds sixty “scratch-off” circles. Each circle reveals an amount that the giver will donate to your youth church fundraiser. The largest amount that any one circle will reveal is $2.50. This guaranties that the giver will give a maximum of $2.50 for your church fundraiser per circle.

After your giver scratches off the desired number of circles they are given a coupon book loaded with valuable coupons that can be used in your area. The coupon total is usually around $75 making it a great exchange for the giver.

What really makes a scratch card fundraiser fun is your youth can be hands on involved in raising money. Announce that after church service in a week your youth will be holding a special one time scratch card fundraiser. This will give your congregation a heads up so they know to bring cash with them the following week. Then on the given Sunday have your youth go around in the fellowship hall or meeting area and ask each congregant to please scratch of a circle. Be sure to instruct your youth to guarantee that the maximum donation will be $2.50 per fundraising circle.

Then as your givers scratch off the circles your youth will collect the money and hand out the coupon books. This is a great way to have fun, involve your youth and tap into a majority of your givers.

Source by Shauna Hanus

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