Benefit Auctions – Three Free Fundraising Items For Your Charity Event

When looking to raise money for charitable cause, you want to find items that people will want to bid on that will cost you very little upfront. The more money you can save on your donated items, the more money goes to the charity itself, so why not consider items that cost you absolutely nothing? These three items can create excitement and earn you big dollars for your charitable event.  

1. Sell the opportunity to throw out the first ball at a baseball game. Not only is this something that people don’t generally get the chance to do, but you can arrange this with a local baseball team for no cost. The added benefit is that the team gets to participate in the support of your charity and there will be additional local advertising for your cause when the announcer explains how this person got the opportunity to throw the first pitch.  

2. Similar to the first item, sell the chance to sing the national anthem at a sporting event. This is an exciting opportunity for anyone who would like to show off his or her singing ability and support a good cause, and again there’s additional free advertising when the announcement is made about the singer and their support of the charity.  

3. Another valuable item is a block of reserved seats for all school performances for a year. Whether for a specific school, or to just get a school’s involvement, it is an easy item for them to offer and holds great significance to parents for friends of students. An added bonus would be to throw in a reserved parking spot. That way, people supporting your charity will feel like VIPs at each school performance.  

Any one of these items can be great ideas for your charitable auction and can raise lots of money and awareness for the cause.

Source by Kevin Rutter

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