Al Ajman – 5 Reasons Property Investors Should Buy in Al Ajman

Al Ajman is one of the most juvenile of the Emirates currently in terms of development. The Emirate has of recent started to get a lot more attention due to the massive development currently happening in the region.

I will outline below the 5 major reasons why I feel this area will be the next mini-dubai and if you are a property investor I think you should be paying attention to the opportunity in this region.

Location – Al Ajman as an independent Emirate is one of the best located of the seven in relation to the other seven. It is only 12 miles north east of Dubia and about 7 miles north east of Sharjah. As a result of its location there has been a recent population explosion in Ajman as workers from Emirates such as Dubai move to Ajman where property prices as well as rent is lower.

Property Prices – The property prices in Al Ajman are currently around a third of what they are in Dubai and significantly lower than the prices in Sharjah. With all of the proposed developments in the pipeline most analysts expect rapid price rise’s.

Al Ajman Airport – Construction on a Al Ajman international airport has already started and when it is completed in early 2011 it will be equipped to handle 1million passengers a year. A lot of these will be commercial flight’s, with the resultant affect of bringing more tourists and international business into the Emirate.

Al Ajman Marina – Al Ajman Marina is being constructed at a cost of 3 billion dollar’s and is due for completion in 2015. It will add more prestige to the area with the inclusion of a Yacht club and various residential towers and restaurants which will all have a positive impact on the real estate market.

Al Zorah City – Al Zora is a new city that is being developed jointly by private companies as well as the government. It is a new self contained city containing hospital’s and school’s as well as a new highway directly linking to the Emirates Road. It is being constructed at a cost of $60 billion all within Al Ajman.

In conclusion the reason why Al Ajman is currently receiving so much attention is due to the unique position of having relatively cheap property in comparison the the other Emirates with masses of ambitious development in the pipeline. This is why so many people are calling Al Ajman the new Mini Dubai.

Source by Paul Duncan Williams

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